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how weird is it that bananas are a tropical fruit?
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Just an experiment. Reblog if you actually give a fuck about male victims of domestic violence and rape.

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a cashier at albertsons today was like “I love your mullet, so 90s” and I did not mean for this haircut to grow into a mullet but I’m gonna rip the sleeves off of a flannel and drink beer all day cause fuck it dawg I have a mullet


sometimes tell my mom about things like yolo and bae cause she likes to put herself under the illusion of hipness, and the other day I told her that all the kids are saying FIDLAR (fuck it dog, life’s a risk!!!!!!!) and I’m so happy I did that cause she was in the store and she reached for a bottle of wine but said “fidlar!” and ended up getting whiskey instead. it was the best thing ever.




god dang i am on fire tonight

 no u r not u make this up for note


bet u feel real stupid right now 

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